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How It Works

Machine Learning

Our digitized, expert driven interviews uncover more timely, actionable contextual details through a proprietary combination of investigative expertise and algorithms that include machine learning.

App & Desktop

We provide a progressive web app that works on both mobile devices and in desktop browsers. We can also add a phone hotline where multilingual call agents use our system to guide the call.

2-Way Communication

Following up on a concern is vital to ensuring efficient investigations and response. We offer anonymous, two-way communication, initiated either via dashboard or app. 


We host the app, rather than going through an app store, so less device information is collected. Every interaction provides users the choice of remaining anonymous.



Included is the InSight Dashboard that provides collaborative, role-based case management. Our embedded analytics allow you to view  trends across time and topic.

Multiple Languages

We offer multiple languages via our call center, where operators use our app in the background. Our app is currently available in English, with additional languages coming soon.

More Timely and Complete Ethics Reporting From Staff

Better engage "the voice of the workforce" and resolve ethics issues more efficiently and with our intelligent ethics hotline app, available on both desktop browsers and mobile devices.


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