About Us

The team from Arbor Insight who are bringing Neighborhood Watch for Corporations® whistleblower hotline system to life represent deep experience in computer science, human intelligence gathering, artificial intelligence, physical security, cyber security and a modern agile approach to software development. While diverse in our backgrounds we have a shared desire to contribute to solutions that serve both our client's needs and the common good. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help your entire staff engage more proactively with regard to discussing ethics, compliance, safety, and security issues in the workplace. We do this by:

  • Providing staff with an easier, more effective and confidential way to share concerns,
  • which increases participation in proactive efforts to prevent and detect issues,

  • creating a greater sense of ownership in the integrity of your organization,

  • leading to a decrease in risk management incidents and associated costs,

  • while ultimately improving morale and helping create a better workplace neighborhood.

​Our Vision:

Increase the well being of individuals and the effectiveness of organizations by helping clients better understand the vital context in which incidents occur and critical decisions are made.

Interested in joining a team that is passionate about preventing bad things from happening while listening to good music?