Cyber Security - The Insider Threat

The human factor. It's at the center of nearly every cyber security incident.

A clicked link, a malicious download, a shared password. Businesses spend billions each year on the latest tools to help prevent breaches. Yet precious little time is spent enabling the sensor network of your staff's eyes and ears to share concerns about indicators of compromise that happen "off the box." We call them non-technical observables and our mission is to help you do more than monitor the workforce, we help you engage them.

These "non-technical observables" include elements of Social engineering, indicators of insider threats and poor security hygiene (e.g. your cubicle neighbor whose password on the post-it note stuck to his monitor). It's regrettable then, that many security professionals have failed to recognize the inadvertent roadblocks to staff reporting created by using an outdated reporting tool. 

What then, happens to those potential Indicators of Compromise that fall outside the visibility of tools such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Physical Security Information Management systems (PSIM)s? Well, in most cases, those observations go unreported and you lose the advantage of valuable, inexpensive threat intelligence.

This is where the NWFC™ intelligent app-based hotline service changes the equation, giving staff who might work in close proximity to those exhibiting insider behaviors to more comfortably speak up. As important, our tailored interviews, powered by machine learning and subject matter expertise, ensure that critical and often missed details are uncovered, helping investigators more quickly discern whether a real threat exists.