Implementation + Onboarding

Staff Promotion and Change Management Support

​We view the process of implementing a new compliance and ethics hotline system as a partnership. Our success as a partner depends largely on the effectiveness of implementation and promotion to the workforce. Beginning with a focus on making sure users first understand "why," we then focus our promotional efforts on "how" to use our app-based system. This includes:

  • Customizable draft staff promotional materials, including emails and meeting notes

  • User-focused web page that includes an overview, installation and user instructions 

  • Technical help desk assistance for both dashboard and app users

  • Web-based training and on-site staff training assistance available upon request


Add your own logo, reference material, links, phone numbers, policy information, training modules and more. Have a special request? Let's talk and make it happen.

Launch Support

We provide a complete roadmap to a successful launch, to include guides, checklists to support implementation, training and change management.

Staff Promotion

Success depends on your staff first understanding why and then "when and how" to use our hotline system. We are a full partner on your promotion with the workforce. 

Training + Support

Web-based training for InSight Dashboard users is included. Additional on-site training for managers and staff is available.  Our help desk is available via email, phone call or web chat.