I like that the app helps me to know what details are important to provide and gives me the ability to follow up later if I choose. I also like that it leaves it up to me if I want to be anonymous. It gives me confidence that, if I decide to share my concern with management, it's going to be something meaningful.

-Staff Member

It's well past time we updated to an ethics hotline app that is more likely to be used. I also like the unique value of the "intelligence" of the system and it's ability to gather  information that helps in our response process. The ability to pair the mobile app with desktop reporting and a telephone hotline makes transitioning users to the NWFC™ system an easy win.

-Chief Financial Officer

I need as much context as possible about an incident up front so that I can better scope my investigative plan. Deploying a system that can get more details from an initial report also reduces the time I spend on follow-up calls, interviews and research.  Bottom line, I can close cases quicker. 


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A third party mobile ethics hotline system that exceeds expectations.