Arbor Insight, home of Neighborhood Watch for Corporations, is proud to say we where there at the start for Even in one of America's best small cities, building community that transcends the seemingly silo'ed communities of university, technology and the health industry takes work. Engage Affect seeks to become Ann Arbor's central hub for authentic connections to people, organizations and place. If you are considering relocating to the area (and you should), Engage Affect is a great way to connect.

We envision a community that inspires participation through connectivity, creativity, and pride of place.

  • Newcomers are welcome.

  • Diversity is accomplished by practicing inclusion.

  • Students are inspired to pursue careers that match their talents and are provided the opportunity for mentorship.

  • Individuals find opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Organizations acquire the necessary resources to achieve their programmatic goals.

  • Local businesses are known, trusted, and preferred.

  • Companies recruit and retain diverse talent by investing in an inclusive culture and adopting a social impact mission.

From the 2017 Detroit North American International Auto Show, we share an excerpt from a Fireside Chat on Automotive Cybersecurity. In this clip, world-renowned cybersecurity experts Jeff Moss (BlackHat and Defcon), John “Four” Flynn (Uber) and Jeffrey Massimilla (General Motors) make the case for making it easy to share concerns regarding secure coding.

Let's face it though, security is security, whether is code, sharing passwords, protecting intellectual property or fraud. No matter the issue, you want people to speak up so it can be addressed before the issue goes viral or is ignored and becomes an expensive incident. I couldn't have said it better.