Physical Security

Don't just monitor the workforce. Engage them.

Chief Security Officers and facility security managers often face an ever-shrinking budget for personnel. Security officers are a dwindling presence, especially in companies who occupy multiple facilities. Advanced camera and door technology combined with roving patrols can be effective alternatives to the large guard forces of years past. That said, no camera or door can replace the value of direct human observation.

With few exceptions, today's workforce will support security management's efforts to build Safe, Secure and Trustworthy Workplace Neighborhoods. More effectively engaging employees and contractors to share share their own observations - essentially crowdsourcing elements of physical security such as theft, broken locks, etc, - remains a largely under-appreciated force multiplier.


Much like an ATM or airport check-in kiosk, using NWFC™ as your security hotline extends the eyes and ears of your security force. We support your efforts to mitigate security risk by enabling staff to become "Better Workplace Neighbors," not simply by trying to "deputize" them, which may turn off many potential contributors due to concerns over personal safety or retaliation from coworkers.

Crowdsource Facility Security:

Effectively extend the eyes and ears of the security staff