Wynn Resorts: Regrettably, Another Example of Failure

Not surprised. Nope. Not at all. Another tragic example of middle and senior managers empowering the bad behavior of senior leadership. A strong ethics and compliance culture - or for that matter a corporate culture that simply respects basic human rights - starts at the top. This WSJ Article about managers enabling the "alleged" poor behavior of casino magnate Steve Wynn is another striking example of how culture is key to accountability.

"Through the years, some Wynn executives, especially in human resources, have had an almost filial relationship with the boss." Hello, Board of Directors? Internal Audit? Anyone home?

Add to this that Instructions posted on an (Wynn Resorts) employee intranet portal say the company’s confidential hotline is for accounting or securities issues, not for harassment complaints. Are you kidding me? Makes my brain melt.

My next post includes a summary of the results of our recent survey on reporting tools for workplace sexual harassment. Hint: Not Good.

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