Facility Safety

Safety hotlines that are accessible to a workforce that gather essential context quickly are essential to preventing safety incidents and work stoppages.

While that might sound obvious, for many busy managers and staff in a dynamic construction or manufacturing setting the reality is that safety hotlines are more about response and discovering root cause than actual engagement and initial reporting of incidents. As top safety managers know, timely reporting of concerns that might prevent or mitigate serious accidents and work stoppages is where the risk mitigation process begins. Without timely, actionable reporting any response process or case management will fail.

Our mobile web app-based safety hotline is designed to make it easier for staff that might work at more than one site and often don't don't like to (or have the time to) make a call or fill out a long form to speak up. Our desktop app allows staff to securely and anonymously share concerns, even in a setting where one computer is shared.

Beyond making your safety hotline reporting system more accessible, our machine learning-based system is trained by safety experts. Why? It results in reports that uncover vital details and context that traditional forms may easily miss, resulting in more effective incident reporting and more efficient root cause investigations.